Ferrum Steel specialises in the pre-processing of steel plates and long steel products. Via own manufacturing operations and in cooperation with our extensive and fully-developed subcontractor network we produce a broad range of steel products based on client-specific needs and requirements.


Ferrum Steel Ltd. was founded in Ilmajoki in 2005. At first, the company had 650 m² of workspace and employed five persons. However, things quickly picked up which led to significant investments into new devices and machinery and an influx of new staff. As operations continued to grow and develop, the company grew out of its old premises. To ensure continuous growth, a contract was signed with the City of Seinäjoki in the summer of 2006 for the construction of wholly new premises. Once the construction work was done, the company relocated to the new premises in October 2007. At this point in time, the company employed 15 professionals and had a workspace of 2,300 m².

In late 2010, the company extended its premises further by acquiring 1,250 m² of new production and office space. Investments into machinery also continued with the introduction of new laser-cutting, deburring and flame cutting machines and a new heat treatment furnace. As the extended premises opened, there were now 40 names in the company’s staff list and its premises had approximately 3,500 m² of floor space.


In early 2012, it became obvious that even this amount of space would not enable the company to increase its capacity or expand its services as planned. Luckily, during the summer of that year, a nearby mechanical workshop went on sale. A purchase contract for that property was signed by the company in the autumn of 2012. The purchase included a lot of 12,000 m² and 2,700 m² of new production space. This investment enabled the company to purchase a shot-blasting line and to expand its cutting capacity.


During the initial stage of its operations, the company mainly offered its services to companies operating in the now-defunct Province of Vaasa and had approximately 30 active customers. Operations were at this point focused on the production of flame cut and/or drilled steel pieces. After the company had been relocated to its newly-built premises in Seinäjoki, it could begin offering further processed steel products. At this point, the company’s customer base grew to around 150 companies, and its market area began to encompass the whole of Finland.  Today, we provide products and services to approximately 200 companies from all corners of Finland.


We currently employ approx. 65 metal industry professionals and, taking into account our new storage warehouse, we now have approx. 8,000 m² of operational floor space. Plans to expand these further are already in place, with further operational space set to become available during 2017.