Ferrum Steel specialises in the pre-processing of steel plates and long steel products. Via own manufacturing operations and in cooperation with our extensive and fully-developed subcontractor network we produce a broad range of steel products based on client-specific needs and requirements.


Ferrum Steel Ltd. currently has operations at four separate premises. In total, these premises provide approx. 13,500 m² of floor space.  Although they are not quite on adjoining lots, the premises are located extremely close to each other. The total land area covered by the lots is approx. 47,000 m². The premises are equipped with multiple bridge cranes and slewing jib cranes which enable the easy handling of products. Our bridge cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 16,000 kg. Plates can be moved and handled using a magnet lifting beams. They can be used for the safe and efficient lifting of plates with a maximum total weight of 12,000 kg.



  • Flame-cutting machines x4
  • Plasma-cutting machines x3
    • also for bevelling
  • Laser-cutting machines x2
    • also for bevelling
  • Machining centres x4
    • work area 2,050 x 1,100
  • Milling machines x3
    • max. work area 3 m x 1 m
  • Folding machines x6
    • max. 6 m 600 ton
  • Heat treating
    • max. size 7 m x 3 m x 3 m
  • Shot blasting machines x3
    • pieces


In addition, multiple saw-cutters, radial drills, punch machines, welding machines and bevel cutting machines.