Let’s work together and create a steel package that suits all of your needs.



laser cutting, flame cutting and plasma cutting

We are able to cut plates of any thickness, from extremely thin 1 mm ones all the way to those measuring 250 mm. The maximum weight for workpieces is 16 tons, and we process all sizes up to 3,250 mm x 13,000 mm. By making continuous investments into the newest technologies available, we are able to provide a highly diversified range of top-quality cutting services. Our laser cutting machine is equipped with automatic loading and unloading and can be set to operate automatically, which enables us to cut large batches in a cost-effective manner. Plasma bevelling ensures accurate bevelling of thick plates at competitive prices. Our flame cutting machines are also well-suited for providing high-quality in the cutting of thick plates.


We offer straight and angular saw-cutting of D420 mm wide steel profiles. In addition to the saw-cutting long steel products, we also implement cut-outs and machining on profiles. Cut-outs are implemented using plasma-cutting, while machining is usually done using a drilling machines or a machining centre.


We are also able to deliver small pre-welded assemblies. Larger batches can be produced cost-efficiently using robot welding. Mechanical sub-assemblies can also be included in all such assemblies.


Our edge pressing machines are capable of bending pieces of up to 6 metres in length. Longer pieces can also be manufactured with the help of our subcontractor network. We also have a broad range of other bending tools which enable us to produce even the most demanding shapes.


Bevel can be cut into various products using flame, plasma or laser cutting, mechanical nibbling or machining. With our diverse machinery we are always able to cut bevels using the method that best suits your products.


Machining work is implemented using machining centres, a milling cutter or a lathe. We implement machining on both vertical and horizontal machines. Processing can be implemented on workpieces measuring up to over 3 metres in length. If a task requires a range of motion for which our own machinery is not suitable, our subcontractor network is able to provide reaming and other necessary machining services.  Traditional drilling work is implemented using radial and pillar-type drilling machines.

shot blasting

Shot blasting can be implemented as plate or part shot blasting. The maximum width supported is 2,750 mm. Our plate shot blasting machine is also suitable for shot blasting long steels or welded assemblies. In addition, we have three separate part shot blasting machines.

heat treating

Our heat treating furnace enables stress relief heat treatment of parts and assemblies. The furnace is LPG-fuelled and its internal dimensions are 3 m x 3 m x 7 m.

belonging to our subcontractor network are also able to provide hardening services.

wet painting and powder coating

All paint jobs are implemented through our subcontractor network. The network includes companies capable of painting products of all sizes and shapes.

hot-tip galvanizing and electrogalvanizing

Electrogalvanizing facilities are located in close proximity to our premises. These facilities are able to provide various passivation treatment services, including black and green passivation treatments.